LOVED BY ALMAL: Heartless killers shot John Wilschutt, 34, eight times.
Mitchells Plain - Family of a mentally disabled man, who was murdered in front of his home, say he told his killers he was not a gangster. But they shot him anyway.

The family of John Wilschutt, 34, from Portlands in Mitchells Plain, has been left devastated after he was shot eight times on the corner of Eloff Street and Piccadilly Close, where he would usually hang out.

His mother, Elizabeth van Schalkwyk, 59, says her son was loved by everyone in the neighbourhood.

“He stood on this corner every day. Everyone knew him and loved him. He did many odd jobs at neighbours’ homes, he used to walk with anyone who was walking alone so they could be safe. He named himself the security guard of our streets and for him to die in this manner is horrible,” the mother says.

When John was younger, he was involved in a car accident which left him with brain damage and a club foot.

Elizabeth says her son also had Schizophrenia, a mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels and behaves.

She says she will never forget her son’s last words.

“I heard him talking to people. I heard him tell them he is not a gangster and then gunshots went off. They found eight bullets inside my child,” the heartbroken mom explains.

Cousin Petrunella van Schalkwyk, 31, says she and her brother also heard the shots.

“We rushed out and he was still alive, he lifted his head, took a deep breath, his body shook and then he was gone,” she says sadly.

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, says a murder case has been opened for investigation.

“At 10.30pm, Mitchells Plain SAPS members attended a complaint at the corners of Eloff and Piccadilly Streets, Portlands. On arrival at the crime scene they found the victim, 34, lying on the ground with several gunshot wounds to the body. The victim died on the scene due to the extent of the injuries sustained. A murder case was registered for investigation,” Van Wyk said.