Kraft’s dipped flakes, and hot water bottles from Woolworths have been taken off the shelves as the two companies ordered separate recalls of the products.

Kraft announced in an advertisement yesterday that, due to salmonella found in one of the batches, it was withdrawing the chocolate bars with a sell-by date of April 24 and 25, 2012.

The company explained that internal testing had identified indications of low levels of salmonella in the batch.

Salmonella bacteria are considered to be a major cause of foodborne illnesses, including diarrhoea.

Kraft said food safety was the company’s highest priority.

“Our comprehensive quality assurance processes identified risks with this batch, initiating a recall,” the company said.

Meanwhile, Woolworths said in a statement on Friday that, following complaints, it was recalling all hot water bottles sold since April.

Brett Kaplan, the company’s director of clothing and general merchandise, explained that a customer had been “injured”, while other customers had also returned the hot water bottles.

He asked customers to stop using the water bottles immediately, and to return them to their nearest Woolworths clothing store for a full refund.

Kaplan said customer safety was of the “utmost importance”, and apologised for any inconvenience. - Weekend Argus