Picture: Bheki Radeb/ANA
Cape Town - The violent taxi strike in Cape Town on Monday saw commuters struggling to get to and from work, as Metrorail trains were packed beyond capacity, and buses delayed after a number of them were attacked across the Cape Metropole. A number of commuters were injured in the chaos. 

IOL posted photographs taken by ANA photographer Bheki Radebe showing commuters hanging out of trains and even hanging onto the roofs in their desperation to reach their destination on Facebook.

While many commenters expressed disgust at the strike and the public transport industry as a whole, a number of readers pointed out that these scenes were a daily occurrence on Metrorail trains.

Picture: Bheki Radeb/ANA
The commuter rail service had previously indicated that it could take up to two years for the train service in Cape Town to be fully operational after theft and vandalism caused scores of train carriages to be taken out of commission.

Delays and cancelled trains have become the norm, and the company has even been dubbed Metrofail by detractors.

Picture: Bheki Radeb/ANA
Here are some of the comments from Facebook:

Carla: This picture is nothing new. I live opposite the train station and I see it from morning till night everyday. Not just today. Sometimes people fall off and out of the trains. And when it rains it's even more dangerous. This is metrofail

Emile: Lol these pictures could literally be taken any day.

Maureen: Nothing new they always hang out of the trains like that. Free ride?!

John: A disgrace of all disgraces... Prasa tenders stolen citizens pushed into the rubbish bin and the City of Cape Town gave in to gangsters...? Backbone and consequences where are you ?

Anne Rose: One nation was born to build and one nation was born to destroy. Guess who wins?

Greg: You burn trains.This will be the result!Those rock heads that burn the trains.Dont think

Hangwani: More like struggling to hang on...this is crazy