Cape Town - A premature baby’s journey into the world came with an escort of traffic officers when her mother went into labour while on a gridlocked city freeway.

Yesterday, the city sent out a press release saying at 7.30am two days ago, the woman’s husband, identified as Mr Davids, called the city’s traffic communication centre, saying his wife had gone into labour in their vehicle.

“He frantically explained that they were stuck in peak traffic along the N2 and asked whether it was possible for traffic services to provide an escort to the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital.”

Lyndon Herbert from the city’s traffic communication centre had then reassured and tried to keep Mr Davids calm while an escort was arranged.

A traffic officer had then intercepted the expectant mother’s vehicle at Jan Smuts Drive and escorted it to Liesbeeck Parkway.

Another traffic officer had then intercepted the vehicle and escorted them to the hospital. “Officer Herbert remained on the line with Mr Davids the entire time, until he and his wife were safely inside the hospital,” the release said.

Cape Times