Tyrell Arendse suffered from Batten Disease. Picture: Solly Lottering/ANA

Cape Town - A mom and dad who lost their seven-year-old son to a rare brain disease last month received another blow over the weekend when their car was stolen.

The heartbroken couple is now offering R5 000 for information that would lead to them finding their white Honda Ballade.

The car was stolen on Saturday morning at their home in Goodwood.

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Gino and Jade Arendse says the car holds sentimental value for them as it was used to transport their son Tyrell to and from hospital as he battled with his illness.

Tyrell suffered from Batten Disease, and over the last two years, he struggled to breathe and became bedridden.

Gino and Jade Arendse Picture: Solly Lottering/ANA

He was one of only two children who had the disease in SA, and passed away on 20 August.

Gino and Jade, both 27, who appealed for help with their financial bills, say they cannot afford to replace their vehicle.

“It was parked outside and it had a steering wheel lock. When we got up at 7am on Saturday, it was gone,” Gino explains.

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“That car reminds us of what our son went through, and how people opened their hearts for us. And now these skelms had to come take it, while we are still struggling to come to terms with Tyrell’s death,” the disappointed father says.

Jade adds: “We are stranded and this is a real setback. We have opened a case but we are appealing to Daily Voice readers to please help us find our car.”

The Arendse family's stolen Honda Ballade. Picture: Solly Lottering/ANA

Gino says the white Honda Ballade has blue stickers on, and the registration number is CY 52919.

“We are offering a reward of R5000 to anyone who can help us find the car,” he adds.

You can call the Arendses on 081 089 7717.