UCT has confirmed that provision will be made to accommodate Muslim students during the holy month of Ramadaan and Eid during the exam period. Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA

Cape Town - The University of Cape Town (UCT) has confirmed that provision will be made to accommodate Muslim students during the holy month of Ramadaan and Eid during the exam period.

This was after heavy backlash from students who asked to be accommodated this month, in light of last year's test concession for a music festival.

Last year, a UCT lecturer said students could miss a class test scheduled for the same time as Rocking the Daisies music festival, if they could supply evidence of having booked for the festival.

One Twitter user tweeted a response that she received after asking to be accommodated this month, slamming it as 'sarcastic' and 'distasteful'.

Other expressed their disdain and said they felt insulted at the response.

However, UCT confirmed 18 hours after the tweet that provision will be made.

"Students who wish to break their fast during the 17:00 exams in the month of Ramadan will be accommodated as well as those who wish to do their daily prayers. Students have on previous occasions sat quietly at their desks and broke their fast. Students are also allowed to take a short break should they wish to exit an exam session, during which they will be escorted by an invigilator," UCT said in a statement.

The University also stated that Muslim students may choose to not write on Eid on June 15. "Those wishing to do so may apply for a deferred exam to be written early in second semester and not later than six months as has been the case previously."

"Students with exams scheduled for the 08:00 session on 15 June can ask for a late start – they will write the same paper at 09:00 on the same day.