Upmarket home up for grabs in lottery

A Paarl homeowner is putting her upmarket Val de Vie home up for sale via a private lottery for �119 (R1 658) a ticket.

A Paarl homeowner is putting her upmarket Val de Vie home up for sale via a private lottery for �119 (R1 658) a ticket.

Published Jul 29, 2015


Cape Town - If someone offered you a chance to own a property worth R5.7 million for just R1 600, you would be forgiven for thinking it’s a scam. A Paarl homeowner is putting her upmarket Val de Vie home up for sale via a private lottery for €119 (R1 658) a ticket.

However, you will have to beat 9 998 other people in order to claim the prize.

The homeowner said she wanted to avoid having to prepare her property each time for client viewings.

The owner – who asked to remain anonymous – is a dog lover and spends most of her time at international dog shows.

She said she was motivated to put her house in the lottery after seeing two previously successful transfers of properties in Diemersfontein via the same method.

“I can achieve my full asking price without having to pay any agent’s commission, which could amount to as much as R500 000 including VAT.

“I would not have to haggle over any offers which would be presented to me nor would I have to have the uncertainty of a buyer’s financing or other suspensive conditions that they may have in the offer.”

The homeowner then made enquiries and decided to appoint Dr Christa Kohl-Rupp as the Trustee to oversee the lottery of her property, and 123Property, based in Europe, as the promoter.

Attorney Michael Unzeitig, a representative of Kohl-Rupp’s firm said the property is valued at between R5.6m and R5.7m and a winner will be announced once all 9 999 tickets have been sold.

“Having the opportunity to win this beautiful villa for just R1 600 a ticket and a chance of 1 in 9 999, I can understand that it sounds too good to be true and therefore many people might be sceptical about it. I can assure you that this lottery is not a scam. We have successfully handled two other private lotteries of villas in South Africa.”

He added that he was not able to say how many tickets had been sold yet, but mentioned there have been participants from over the world.

“At this point in time participants from South Africa are accounting for a good portion of the people taking part.

“As soon as all the tickets are paid for we are going to set a date within two weeks of the last ticket sale. The winning ticket number will be announced at the end of the public drawing in Austria, which you may follow via live stream or attend personally.

“If the winner allows us to publish his or her name and create a short follow-up story another additional prize awaits her or him.”

The owner may recover the market value of her property and after promotional and other costs, which include a 12 percent Austrian lottery tax, the balance will then be donated to charity, as the owner may not make more than the current market value of the home.

Liz Smithers, an agent at Val de Vie said she was aware of the homeowner putting her property in the lottery.

“There was a guy on the estate who had a house in Diemersfontein and he did the lottery thing and it was very successful and so she did the same.”

Smithers said they had nothing to do with it and the homeowner set it up without the help of Val de Vie. “We found out when one of the residents came to tell us about progress… one of her friends is also selling tickets for her in South Africa.”

Val de Vie marketing director Ryk Neethling said he was surprised with the way the homeowner chose to sell her house.

“This is a different way of doing it. We are also researching the legal implications as the constitution requires homes in the estate to be sold by accredited agents.”

While he complimented the website that promotes the property, he said Val de Vie was in consultation with its lawyers.

To enter the lottery, and view the property, go to www.123property.eu

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