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Cape Town - A Mitchells Plain couple are furious with police claiming the man who sexually assaulted their granddaughter, three, is walking around a free man.

The Tafelsig grandmother and grandfather, who are both 54-years-old, say they reported the case almost three months ago but have seen no action by Mitchells Plain police.

The child’s grandfather says late in July, he thought he would do the responsible thing and warn his grandchild about stranger danger.

“I said come here, let me tell you something, you must let nobody touch you. If someone touches you, you must tell daddy.”

He got a fright when she responded by saying her mother’s boyfriend had scratched her, and pointed towards her vagina and her bum.

“He has been with my daughter for a year now and always came here. So that night I told my daughter, but she refused to believe me.”

The next day, the grandparents took the girl to the police station and the child was taken for tests at the Mitchells Plain Hospital.

The grandfather says the girl fought with the doctor who was trying to examine her.

They were then referred to Red Cross Hospital where they were told that if the man had “used only his fingers” there would not necessarily be any visible damage.

The grandmother says after her daughter confronted her boyfriend, he disappeared.

“He never came here again. He lives in Kensington.”

The grandparents say they want him arrested: “I am glad that he did not rape her, but we don’t know how long he is doing this.”

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut, confirms the case is being investigated and says: “Due to the sensitive nature of the matter, finer aspects cannot be disclosed at this stage.”