SANParks officials keep an eye on Noordhoek beach. On Saturday a family was attacked while viewing the Kakapo wreck. Picture: Henk Kruger/ANA
Cape Town - “The blade broke, so the attacker used a bottle to hit the wife hard on the head and grabbed the goods.”

This is how the latest attack on Noordhoek beach was described.

It was the third attack on the beach since December.

SANParks has come under fire after a Bellville mother, 54, was attacked and hit in the head with a bottle. She, her husband and their daughter had been out for a walk on the beach and were near the Kakapo wreck when they were attacked.

SANParks spokesperson Merle Collins confirmed the incident but declined to comment further.

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Avoid Noordhoek Beach’ warning

The victim has not been identified, nor was her assailant, who robbed the family of their backpack and cellphone after he attacked them.

The NSRI said its volunteers responded to a call-out after the woman and her family ran to a security guard hut to get help. While the NSRI said the woman was stabbed, Kommetjie Neighbourhood Watch member Angela Botha said an updated report indicated she was hit on the head with a bottle after the attacker’s knife broke on a bag her husband used to shield himself.

“The blade broke, so the attacker used a bottle to hit the wife hard on the head and grabbed the goods. The attacker (was) wearing a dark green shirt with a logo, dark pants. He was 1.5m tall and stole a backpack and a Samsung phone. He was seen running towards Masiphumelele,” said Botha.

NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon said that according to their medical report, a stab wound was treated.

Latest attacks on the beach include an Egyptian tourist who was stabbed nine times last month and an elderly Austrian couple attacked by knife-wielding assailant in December.

Police spokesperson Noloyiso Rwexana said Ocean View police had launched a probe. No one had been arrested, she said.

News of Saturday’s broad daylight attack sparked an outrage on social media with people commenting that SANParks were not taking safety in the area seriously.

“I can’t see how it will end unless SANParks start taking this seriously. The beach will just become a no-go zone like Slangkop Mountain, Kleinplasie, Redhill, etc. SANParks’ excuses are no longer good enough,” Rossco Dingwall posted.

Mike Drescher said: “I agree with you.” Leigh Shepherd posted: “This is getting pathetic. We need a solution to this lawlessness that’s plaguing our city.”

Collins said SANParks rangers were in the area when the incident occurred, but she was unable to comment on allegations levelled at SANParks.

In response to the outcry, Chapman’s Peak Neighbourhood Watch member Karen Macintyre said: “It’s unfair to say that. SANParks are there every day. They have six rangers on the beach as we’re speaking. They’re doing an incredible job, they just don’t advertise it. People should stay away from the wreck. Guys hide in the wreck and when people have a look, they jump out. People should keep away from the wreck and not walk close to the dunes.”

Anyone with information can call their nearest police station or Crimestop at 0860010111.