Outspoken 12-year-old Logan Hartnick from Macassar. Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA

Cape Town - Meet the little girl who’s had social media users in stitches with her "old soul personality" and catchy remarks .

The outspoken 12-year-old stands just over a metre tall, but her stories and dance moves have been taking Facebook by storm, with no fewer than four videos going viral.

The Daily Voice tracked down Logan Hartnick in Macassar this week after people who viewed her videos started asking who she was.

Logan has become quite popular with Cape Town fans with her videos being shared by hundreds of people and garnering over 50 000 views.

The chubby-cheeked Grade 4 pupil at Oklahoma Primary School has now been dubbed a “Facebook Diva” in her community.

Logan Harnick is a Facebook star. Video: Tracey Adams/ANA

Teachers at Logan’s school described her as an “old soul”, with a knack for storytelling.

Her rise to fame started about a month ago when their house caught alight, and Logan was apparently blamed by her mom and a neighbour for starting the fire.

In one of the videos, Logan speaks to a woman sitting in a bakkie, explaining: “Toe sê die vrou wat onder bly, die gemors - sorry - toe sê sy ek het die huis aan die brand gestiek. Oraait, ons gat toe daantoe [the neighbour’s house]. Ek sê vir haar, jy antie, weet jy, jy is vuil, jy moet nie hier bly nie, jy behoort nie hier op die blokke nie. Niemand hou van haar op die blok nie. Hmm, die gemors is in almal se besigheid.”

Logan lives with her mother, Merna Harnick, and her ouma in a flat.

But she is a daddy’s girl, and spends her afternoons with her father, Clifford Carolus, 43, who is a fruit seller and tiler.

Logan and her father Clifford Carolus. Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA

She also has an older brother, Lance Harnick, 15.

Clifford says he learnt his daughter was a Facebook celebrity when friends told him: “I am very proud of her and I hear people are watching my child as far as Johannesburg.”

The family struggles to get by, and Logan does not even own a pair of school shoes.

When Logan finally arrives from school, wearing takkies with her green uniform, she is at first shy, but gradually opens up.

She tells the Daily Voice the first video had been filmed by a boy, Breyton, and the second by a woman whose name she doesn’t know.

“When I heard it was on Facebook, I kept asking them to show it to me,” she says.

Video: Supplied
Video: Supplied

“Sometimes I don’t feel happy about it.”

Asked to explain about the fire, she says: “Ek het een aand van my pa af gekom, ne antie, toe se daai vrou wat onner ons bly, ek het die huis aanie brand gestiek. Toe sê ek ek was dan heel aand by my pa, hoe kan ek die huis aanie brand gestiek het?

“Waar moet ek die geld kry vir metjies, en ek kan nie skuld gaan maak nie, want daai mense kan mos nie wag vir hulle geld nie, die Nigerians.”

She says their room, bed and her and her mother’s clothing were burnt.

Logan also talked about her “love life”. She tells Daily Voice: “Nee antie, ek het ’n boyfriend gehet, maar toe dink ek ek gaan hom los. Hy gaan jou net dik maak, en dan loop hy en wat dan? Ha-a, daai werk nie so by my nie.”

Jo-ann Apollis, acting school principal, says Logan is a natural storyteller: “Since she started Grade 1, she told these oumens stories. Logan is still a child, but she has an old soul.

“I was at a braai one day when someone showed me a video and I said that is our school child. The video where she is dancing was made at our school bazaar in September.”

We tried translating what Logan says into English but her quotes lost their flavour this way.