Cape Town comedian Carl Weber and his wife are in mourning after both her parents died of coronavirus last week.
Cape Town comedian Carl Weber and his wife are in mourning after both her parents died of coronavirus last week.

WATCH: Coronavirus is no joke, says Cape comedian after losing in-laws

By Venecia Valentine Time of article published Jun 30, 2020

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Cape Town - Cape Town comedian Carl Weber and his wife are in mourning after her parents succumbed to coronavirus last week.

Carl’s wife Valene, 40, has also tested positive and the funny man has started making vlogs about their Covid-19 experience, begging people to take the pandemic seriously.

Valene’s parents passed away within days of each other last week, leaving her devastated.

The heartbroken woman says: “My mommy died on 21 June and my daddy on 25 June. On the day of my mom’s funeral, he longed to be with her and so he left us too, they both died of cardiac arrest.

“This virus robbed me of my parents, they meant the world to me.”

Valene’s mother Eva Herold, 72, tested positive on 18 June and Valene and her father Neville Herold, 79, both tested positive on 20 June.

Neville and Eva Herold from Strandfontein

Carl says the news shook the family and that’s when he started using social media platforms to spread awareness about the outbreak.

The couple live with Valene’s parents and the whole family went into quarantine, with Carl keeping his followers updated on their progress, trials and tribulations.

But within five days, Valene’s parents were admitted to hospital where they both passed away.

“I started these videos to bring awareness of how real this virus is,” says Carl.

“When her parents died, I decided to keep doing videos because when you give a face to the virus, and don’t just see the stats and numbers on TV, you give it a human side and people realise it’s not just something happening halfway across the world, but it’s right here in our home, taking our family members.

“Also I want to break down the negative stigma attached (to being infected) and tell people you don’t have to be ashamed. We can only beat this if we fight it together.”

Carl’s test came back negative but he has stayed in isolation with Valene, and her younger brother who is now also positive.

Valene says: “My mother was admitted to hospital for an infection, we never expected it to be Covid-19.

“On the day they diagnosed her, we decided to get tested as well.

“Two days later, myself and my dad tested positive but Carl is negative and my daddy was also admitted to hospital. My mom was known as The Cake Lady of Strandfontein.”

Carl says his aim of spreading awareness has been a success, as his videos are receiving thousands of views.

“People are paying attention to the videos I’m making and this is good because social media makes the most noise during this time.

Our loss and experience must be a testimony and encouragement to others to be careful and stay home,” he says.

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