WATCH: Gangs in Manenberg call truce to help community weather lockdown

Published Apr 11, 2020


Cape Town - The national lockdown appears to have achieved what police and even the army have not been able to. Since the start of the lockdown, gangs in Manenberg, one of the areas worst affected by gang violence on the Cape Flats, have called a truce and are working together to help their community.

Social entrepreneur Andie Steele-Smith, who works with the gangs on various community projects, pulled rival gangs in Manenberg together to distribute food, soap, and essential goods to members of the community.

"Because of the coronavirus lockdown people are not working and they need stuff. We are trying to help Manenberg become a better place," said Preston Jacobs, who says he has been a member of the Americans gang for more than a decade.

Jacobs says the Clever Kids, Americans and Jesters have all been working together and they would like to bring Hard Livings gang members on board to help out too.

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