CHASE DOWN: Two men robbed a man at gunpoint in Salt River
CHASE DOWN: Two men robbed a man at gunpoint in Salt River
ATTACK: Two robbers humped out of taxi
ATTACK: Two robbers humped out of taxi
Cape Town - Police are looking for a taxi guard and an accomplice who were caught on camera jumping out of a taxi and robbing people at gunpoint.

The incident in Rochester Road in Salt River was caught on a security camera on Tuesday night as the thugs targeted people on their way home from work.

In the footage, the two men can be seen getting out of a taxi and then running down the road chasing after someone.

They come back and one suspect pulls out a gun to attack a man. The man tries to escape but falls in fright and drops his cellphone.

The suspect grabs the phone and he and his accomplice jump back into the van, which drives off.

Rafiqa Booley is part of the Woodstock community police forum and the footage was recorded in front of her home.

She and her husband ran out to assist the shaken victim who shouted for help.

“His hand was bleeding and his thumb was swelling very quickly. He said he could not move it. I called the police and also gave the man some sugar water to calm him down. He was in shock. He says the guys ran up to him and he had gotten such a fright he slipped and fell,” she says.

“His cellphone had then fallen out as one man held a gun to his head. This he swears is the only reason he is alive.”

She says it looked like one of the thugs was a taxi guard as he still had a money bag in his hand.

The two robbers jumped out of a taxi

“These taxis are not supposed to drive in the residential areas. Our area is a target lately and people need to be vigilant and take care,” says Rafiqa.

Police spokesperson, Sinathi Joni, confirms a case of armed robbery was reported and no arrests were made.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sergeant Thiso at 021 486 2840 or crime stop on 08600 10111.

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