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Egan Vorster’s Facebook video of a road rage incident with another driver following a near collision has gone viral, as he is seen being jabbed in the face with a “piksteel” (pickaxe) by the other driver.

The video has had more than 7 000 shares, over 2 000 likes and over 4 000 comments on Facebook by midday on Tuesday.

Vorster posted: “When I passed him and gave him the "head-shake", he responded by calling me a "hotnot" - which is Cape for "I don't like you because you have a nice tan". 

He then swerved in front of me a second time, showing aggressive hand signs and even though my lip-reading is not on CIA field agent level, I could make out the words "ek sal jou bliksem" – which is Afrikaans slang for "I will make you say 'Eina' ". 

Vorster's Facebook live video shows the interaction after the two pull over on Paarl Jan van Riebeeck Drive, as the other person is seen taking out a pickaxe from the trunk of his car.

The two men argue, with each blaming the other as responsible for the near collision. The other driver, swearing at Vorster, then takes offence to being recorded and hit Vorster in the face with the pickaxe.

Vorster, visibly upset, follows the other driver into a nearby residential area and in an attempt to record him using the racial slur again, the other driver makes a U-turn, jumps out his car and runs towards him.

He speeds off from the driver and it’s clear that there is a younger girl in school unifrom in the passenger side, seemingly also recording the incident.

Vorster signs off asking Facebook users to tag him in the post.

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk confirmed that a case of assault and intimidation was under investigation and no arrests had been made.

* This is a developing story.

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