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Picture: Candice Chaplin/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

WATCH: #NigelPierce taunts ex-colleague, offers his body for any job

By Venecia Valentine/Daily Voice Time of article published Mar 22, 2019

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Cape Town - Nigel Pierce is still having a hard time saying goodbye, and this week took things up a notch when he started attacking his old colleagues at Good Hope FM on social media.

The former drive time show presenter, who was sacked without benefits, is also demanding the SABC pay him his complete March salary, while at the same offering his services - even as an underwear model.

Last week, Good Hope confirmed that Pierce was taken off air for “breaching his contract and bringing the SABC into disrepute on social media platforms”.

Pierce’s contract was supposed to end on 31 March 2019, with his last day on air being 29 March.

However, after informing listeners of his removal, his contract was not renewed.

He said he was given his marching orders in front of staff and also claimed his dismissal was “personal” and suggested that his fellow DJs “had a hand in it”.

On Wednesday he posted a video on Instagram, captioned, “The Radio Police is watching. Where the f*** is my money?”

He said: “Today I invoiced for the entire month of March. I subsequently got an email saying ‘Thank you for your invoice and timesheet, however, please note your contract ended on 7th March 2019 and for this reason you may only invoice up to this date, please amend and send to insert name here’.”

According to Nigel, he replied: “This is not a debate, I don’t debate with plant life and I will not amend the invoice. Where the f*** is my money?

“Why am I not being paid? When I wanted to report for duty on the 8th, leading up to 29th March which was supposed to be my last day?”

In another video, Pierce, accused his ex-colleague, sports presenter Dalin Oliver, without mentioning his name, of “displaying the most despicable and unprofessional behaviour on my last day as the breakfast show host”.

When Daily Voice contacted comedian Dalin, he said he was not aware of Pierce’s accusations.

But his fellow comics weren’t amused and called Pierce out on social media.

Yaaseen Barnes posted: “Someone needs to take Uncle Nigel’s phone away from him. He’s become embarrassing.”

While Devon “DevdonDidIt” Saunders said: “So now Nigel is blasting ex-colleagues at GHFM? Looks like he lost the plot.”

And while Pierce previously bragged about the dozens of job offers he received following his dismissal from Good Hope, it appears he’s a bit hard up these days, trying to auction his wine and even offering his body for jobs.

In one video, he says: “I will travel for money, I will model for money, I will wear sunglasses for money,” panning his camera phone down to his crotch to show off his navy underpants.

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