Facebook users have fallen in love with Jeremeo Le Cordeur and his grandmother Lydia Truter. Picture: Supplied
Cape Town - When actor Jeremeo Le Cordeur posted a video on Facebook of him showing off his new car to his 93-year-old grandmother he couldn't possibly have predicted the response.

Jeremeo, who runs his own production company, got the car on Tuesday evening and the pair took their spin on Wednesday morning.

By Friday afternoon the video had been shared nearly a thousand times and garnered more than 37 000 views. And the reason? His grandmother's love and pride in Jeremeo's achievement.

Lydia Truter or "Ouma Lilly" from Van Wyk's Vlei in Wellington was definitely the star. Her pride in her 30-year-old grandson and her love for him shines through and gives a glimpse of the pair's beautiful relationship.

Ouma Lilly's inspection of the new car and her down-to-earth comments are a delight to witness. And the financial advice she gives her beloved grandson during their drive is priceless. 

When asked why he decided to make her the first passenger in his new car Jeremeo said: " I had to. Ek is haar Klong. It’s been a long journey for me to get a new car, a few years ago my Bakkie was stolen outside the Baxter theatre, it was a very difficult time and she felt my pain. Over the years she would always ask if I ever found the Bakkie and when I would be able to get a new vehicle. When it finally happened, she was the first person I wanted to share it with."

Jeremeo says Ouma Lilly's comments in the video were not really a surprise. " Every moment with her is pure joy. She says the most amazing and unpredictable things. She was so happy to see me  with   a new car, to see me move on from the many  setbacks   after I lost the bakkie. Her pride touched me. She’s just amazing."

So, what did Ouma Lilly have to say to her "klong" after the drive? 

"She just kept saying how proud she was, and that I need to look after the car. She also said that I need to carry on working hard so that I can be successful role-model for others."