Picture: Facebook screenshot

Cape Town - South African Police (SAPS) officers based at the Milnerton Police Station have come under fire after a video showing a woman being manhandled went viral. 

The incident unfolded last month at Canal Walk following an alleged altercation between the woman and officers. 

In the video, a police officer can be seen holding up the woman's top, exposing her bra, while calling for back-up. It remains unclear why the officer was doing this.

In a post on Facebook, Prudence McPherson explained that her ordeal unfolded after police officers instructed her to move. 

"After I asked him to not demand but instead ask me to move, he blew his top!

"I literally went through police brutality: pulled by my arm, dragged on a brick floor, slammed against the police van, forced into the van, shaken to the point of unconsciousness, just pulled along vigorously wherever he went... n eventually was choked by my own hoodie while standing half naked. (Suffered some bruising)

"When his backup arrived, five male officers, with no knowledge of what had just happened (confessing to it as well), threw my a** in their van.

She then added that: I slept at Milnerton police station that night. Did fingerprints n 'mugshots' [and] was to appear in court on March 7, 2018 but after prosecutors examined his statement and then my video, his [officer] story* did not add up n my case was thrown out".

McPherson said that while she was relieved she did not not have a criminal record, she lamented the lack of action taken against the officer. 

"I still experience disturbing feelings n flashbacks of this whole traumatic event. I still cry n have hightend anxiety attacks. Hate to admit this, but this affected me in more ways than I ever thought it would," she said.

The Western Cape police had not responded to questions sent at the time of publishing.