WATCH: Sports car driver mocked after crash

By IOL Reporter Time of article published Dec 15, 2020

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Cape Town – There is something about the sight of a luxury sports car that has crashed after travelling at an excessive speed that triggers derision from onlookers.

With a starting price for a sports car such as a McLaren 720S ranging from more than R5 million, for example, the (hopefully unscathed) driver is understandably touchy – having also dented his ego. It also adds insult to injury when his driving prowess is called into question – let alone his sense of responsibility.

On Sunday morning, when a driver of a McLaren 720S driver badly damaged his car after crashing into a tree off Helen Suzman Boulevard near Cape Town Stadium in Green Point, he didn’t take kindly to the remarks directed at him.

According to reports, the McLaren had allegedly been ’’dicing“ a Lamborghini Huracan Performante, which was left unscathed.

Several videos of the incident made it onto WhatsApp. In one video, a man tells the driver, who is standing next to the car: “You can’t drive it, bro.”

Another man can be heard shouting: “It’s a rich man’s toy.”

Banter ensues and the driver then walks towards the man videoing him, saying: “You are never going to own one.”

“You just f****n wrapped one around a tree. Nice,” the man retorts.

In another video made of the incident, a man can be heard saying: ’’These two were dicing. This guy has lost control, he has hit a tree.“

Another guy said in a video while driving past the crash scene: ’’This guy just went past me flying. Check at this now. It’s f*****, lovely. I can’t believe it. These okes can’t drive these things.’’

City of Cape Town traffic spokesperson Maxine Bezuidenhout said the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle and crashed it just after 11am on Sunday. She said no injuries were reported.

In June this year, a police chief in the UK got into trouble for appearing to mock a speeding McLaren 650S driver on social media for crashing his vehicle into a wall in a street with a 40km/h limit.


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