Picture: Kae Skinner Sera/Facebook.

Johannesburg - A group of children in the United Kingdom (UK) made waves after a video of them singing for rain in drought stricken Cape Town went viral on social media recently.

Earlier this week, a video was posted on Facebook by Kae Skinner Sera showing around 7 800 children, including her grandson Riley, singing a heart-rendering rendition of Toto's Africa at the O2 in London, England. 

"Cape Town friends - tonight my grandson Riley was one of 7800 children singing Africa at the o2 in London. Rain will be coming your way if these kids have anything to do with it. My eyes are watering already," Sera said.

The heart-warming video has since gone viral and generated a positive response from users, who praised the children and expressed hope that rain would come to Cape Town. 

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The Mother City continues to struggle with a three-year-long drought that could see it become the first major modern city in the world to run dry.

The city recently "reached a point of no return" which saw water restrictions cut from 87 litres per person per day to 50 litres.

The crisis has also seen Day Zero, the day the City will turn off most taps, set for mid-May 2018.