Cape Town - A middle-aged white driver who wanted to kill a young coloured man with a pickaxe handle on Monday, ended up washing his feet on Thursday.

In a bizarre twist of events, a remorseful Marius Geldenhuys washed the feet of his victim Egan Vorster in a reconciliation ritual.

Vorster returned the favor, and the two also prayed together. Vorster said this was the Christian way of showing humility.

According to Vorster, he has forgiven Geldenhuys, who told him on Monday afternoon: “Ek sal jou f****n dood bliksem‚ jy ry soos n p**s” (I will f****ing kill you, you drive like a c***). 

A video of the altercation went viral on social media when Geldenhuys accused Vorster of not maintaining the correct following distance while driving in Paarl. The older man had indicated to change lanes, and the two nearly collided.

Grabbing a pickaxe handle from his boot‚ Geldenhuys stormed towards Vorster, swearing and accusing him of driving badly.

On his Facebook post, Vorster said Geldenhuys had called him a "hotnot" before the two had pulled over. When Geldenhuys realised he was being filmed, he hit Vorster with the pickaxe handle in the face.

But all that is now water under the bridge. 

A friend who attends church with Geldenhuys reportedly came across the video and arranged a meeting between the two.

Vorster says the friend told him that Geldenhuys was going through a rough time as he was getting divorced.

Geldenhuys said sorry for calling him a "hotnot" and the friend admitted Geldenhuys had “anger issues”.

The two met at Geldenhuys’ workplace for the reconciliation.

Vorster said Geldenhuys was “broken and in tears”, and admitted he was wrong.

During a live recording of the ritual, Vorster said: “To everyone following the story i just want to say, God forgives, we have no right to hold grudges and not forgive.”

He tagged the video: “Forgiveness. That’s the punchline.”