Pictures: Yasmine Jacobs

Cape Town – "We are gatvol," said one of the people gathered at a picket in Cape Town CBD, which is set to stretch from Parliament to St George's Cathedral.

At 2pm, a memorial service for the late Ahmed Kathrada will be held at St. George's Cathedral where Pravin Gordhan will be the keynote speaker.

On the picket line, the air is full of anger and determination as people of all ages from all walks of life join holding placards saying 'Stop State Capture' and 'Zuma must fall' as well as 'SA needs Ethical leaders'.

According to police, there are just under 100 people at the picket, which started at 12pm.

Passing cars hoot in support of the picket, as chants for President Jacob Zuma's resignation get louder.

Carol Emmanuel, one of the picketers said, "I'm here because I have had enough of Jacob Zuma. The way he is ruling and preventing us from uniting,"

Carmel Carne said: "Well I think that our country has fought so hard for democracy to be ruled by a dictator." Followed with "Long live the rainbow nation!"

Ghalieb Jardien, who was very vocal about his view said that people in poor rural communities are being impacted the worst. "We are gatvol."

"I'm here to show the country that the people must govern. Our people must stand up for the rights," Gerald Cook said.