Lekita Moore
Lekita Moore

We remember Lekita Moore

By Lou-Anne Daniels Time of article published Aug 21, 2018

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Valhalla Park teen Lekita Moore grew up in an area where drugs and gangs were an everyday part of life. Her parents Shireen and Charl tried to give their children everything they need and had big dreams for Lekita's life. They were a loving family and 

At 18, Lekita was a vibrant, outgoing young woman who had a zest for life. Lekita's dad has spoken about the pain of losing his daughter, who he says always had a kind word for everyone and a ready smile. She had an active social life and a circle of friends she enjoyed spending time with. Nobody knew that Lekita's life was about to come to an abrupt and horrific end.

In September 2016 Lekita's naked and mutilated body was found on an open field next to an informal settlement in the neighbourhood she had grown up in.  She was stabbed 98 times, and her face, breasts and vagina were slashed. During the ensuing court case, it was revealed that she had multiple stab wounds to the back of her head and neck, indicating that she fought to escape the frenzied attack.

Lekita's killer was a young man who was well known to people in the area. Just 20 at the time he was convicted of Lekita's murder, Cameron Wilson had a history of violent crimes, especially against young women. He was also convicted of four other murders

While the murder trial was playing out in court, Lekita's grieving mother suffered a complete breakdown, becoming addicted to tik and eventually spending months in a rehab facility.

Cameron Wilson may have been sent to jail, but he has left a trail of destruction behind. Lekita's family have to rebuild their shattered lives and come to terms with the brutality of her death.

Lekita will never celebrate another Women's Month or another Christmas. She never got to have a 21st birthday. Lekita never had the opportunity to see the dreams she had for herself fulfilled.

For Lekita's sake and the sake of women everywhere, if you know somebody who has committed an act of violence against a woman  Don't Look Away
If you know a young woman's life is in danger,  Don't Look Away
If you are able to help prevent another tragedy,   Don't Look Away.

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