Cape Town - The wife of SA's third richest Powerball jackpot winner says that a few weeks before her husband played she dreamt that she saw gold particles being sprinkled over him.

The 50-year-old who is in construction won R141 million in the PowerBall jackpot from the Friday 23 August 2019 draw, ITHUBA said. The winning ticket was purchased at a Spar in Groot Brakrivier, Western Cape. 

The man becomes the third richest PowerBall jackpot winner in South Africa after playing a ticket wager of just R105 via a Quick Pick selection method. He joins the R232 million winner from February 2019 and R145 million winner from August 2018.

The winner was on holiday in the Mossel Bay region with his wife when he bought the winning ticket and says buying the ticket was part of their plans that day. He says he hardly plays the National Lottery games but something on that day told him that he should play it and that it would be his lucky day.

The winner’s wife says that a few weeks before her husband played, she had dreamt that she saw gold particles being sprinkled all over her husband. The following morning, she told the husband about the dream. She believes this was a sign from God that her husband will soon be showered with blessings. 

She says she is glad she told her husband about the dream as it could have been hard for anyone to believe her premonition that he has won jackpot.

The couple say they do not plan on making drastic changes to their lives because they prefer the quiet life. They will both continue working and plan to invest the money so that their children and grandchildren can have a secured future for generations to come. 

The winner received financial advice and trauma counselling from ITHUBA, a free service that is offered to all winners of above R50 000.  


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