Virna Jacobs, 47, was strangled and buried. Picture: Daily Voice
Virna Jacobs, 47, was strangled and buried. Picture: Daily Voice

Woman threatened to kill relatives because 'they were behind' uncle's death

By Genevieve Serra Time of article published May 29, 2018

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Cape Town - Levonna Jacobs, who is on trial for her aunt and cousin’s murders, allegedly assaulted and threatened to kill her cousin, and said she would take their home because “they were behind” her uncle’s death.

This is according to Natasha Geswint, the best friend of Rowena Jacobs, who took the witness stand at the Western Cape High Court on Monday.

The State is set to prove Jacobs suffocated her aunt, Virna, 47, and cousin Rowena, 26, to death using a plastic bag and towel, and buried them in their backyard in Delft-South.

Family members and police dug up the missing women’s bodies in December 2015.

A pathologist has testified that Virna was probably buried alive.

It is alleged Jacobs killed them to gain ownership of the house.

Jacobs is the niece of Virna’s husband, Donovan Jacobs, who was murdered in March 2015.

Donovan was allegedly murdered by a tenant during an argument over a burger.

Both Virna and Rowena witnessed the murder.

The case against the tenant was dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Natasha said in September 2015, Rowena, her two kids and some other friends came to her house for a braai.

Rowena went home to get jackets for the kids, who were playing at a neighbour’s, but was locked out by Jacobs, who had gone to fetch her children from the neighbour’s house without her knowledge.

Rowena then slept over at her friend, Bianca’s home.

She said the next day, Jacobs moered Rowena and threatened her in front of everyone.

She walked over to Bianca’s house and Jacobs pulled up in her white car and confronted Rowena.

“She asked Rowena where she had slept the previous night. Rowena said it was none of her business,” Natasha testified.

“The accused then grabbed Rowena, placing her arm around her neck and pushed her to the ground. She also grabbed her by her vest.

“The accused told Rowena she is gatvol of her and that she was going to social workers the Monday so that her children could be taken away.”

Natasha said Jacobs accused Rowena and Virna of being behind her uncle’s death.

“The accused said that it is because of Rowena and Virna that her uncle died and that she doesn’t forgive them,” she testified.

“She began to beat Rowena with her fists, even on the head, then Bianca’s father, who was passing by in the road, pulled her (Jacobs) up by her arms.”

Natasha said as Jacobs walked to her car, she continued to make threats: “The accused pointed from her car and said, “julle gaan vrek, julle * ***ers.

“She also said their house was no longer theirs and that it was her f***ing house.”

The trial continues.

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