Sadeck Zhaun Ahmed was kidnapped in Woodstock.
Cape Town - As mystery continues to surround the kidnapping of Athlone businessman Naushad Khan, who was reunited with his family two months after armed men bundled him into a vehicle and drove off, the family of another prominent city businessman has gone public about what happened to him.

Zhaun Ahmed was kidnapped on July 25 and released a few days ago, his family said. His abductors set him free near Rondebosch Medical Centre, the family said on Thursday.

Ahmed owns Zhauns Business Opportunity Centre. He was kidnapped outside his Woodstock business.

“There was no ransom paid by the family to Mr Ahmed’s abductors as there appears to have been a case of mistaken identity. It took his abductors some time to realise that he was not the person they were looking for. Mr Ahmed’s heart condition and health deteriorated while he was held captive. He had several blackouts He believes his abductors were concerned about the consequences of his deteriorating health.”

According to the family, he had been blindfolded and did not know where he was held or whom his abductors were.

“He was disorientated after being released. He is being treated for severe somatic symptoms relating to his experiences during captivity. He is now with his family recovering.”

The family quoted Ahmed as saying: “This was a traumatic experience and I am relieved this incident is finally over. There was nothing more I was looking forward to than being back safely with my family. My family was an incredible pillar of support. It was an extremely stressful time for them. There were times I felt I would not see them again due to my failing health. I was allowed to speak to my family. That offered me some relief and hope.”

Meanwhile there is still a veil of secrecy over what had happened during 46-year-old Khan’s kidnapping.

Khan, who owns Eastern wear store Khan Punjabies in Athone Industry, was approached this week, but declined to comment.

Naushad Deshmukh Khan was released two months after allegedly being kidnapped outside his Athlone business.

He was allegedly abducted on November 1 by five armed men and dropped off in Thornton two months later.

The police were tight-lipped about the kidnappings. Questions this newspaper posed to them were:

* How far is the police’s investigation into the alleged kidnapping of Naushad Khan which happened last year?

* It has been almost a year, what has been established during the investigation to date?

* Are the police close to making arrests?

* Can you please detail the police resources which have gone into this investigation?

* Was there a ransom paid for the release of Mr Khan?

* How far is the investigation into the kidnapping of Mr Ahmed?

* Are there any suspects?

* Was there a ransom paid for Mr Ahmed’s release?

* What police resources went into the investigation of Mr Ahmed’s alleged kidnapping?

* What co-operation, if any did the police get from the families of the two men?

* Are the police investigating if there is a connection between the alleged kidnappings of Mr Khan and Mr Ahmed?

The only reply from provincial police spokesperson Andre Traut was: “This office can confirm that the victim has been reunited with his family. The circumstances surrounding the case are still under investigation.”

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