09/08/2015. A preacher at End of Times Disciples Ministries orders the church members to eat leaves from a tree after the EFF and some community members interrupted the service. Picture: Oupa Mokoena

South African pastors are as colourful as they come.

Recently pastors have dominated the news headlines often for all the wrong reasons. From the obscene to the absurd, the antics a few rotten apples has brought a once revered calling into disrepute.

God-fearing congregants have been told to eat snakes, trampled on and even rode on like horses, all in the name of religion and a chance at salvation. 

The poorest of the poor are financing the lifestyles of so-called men of God who are anything but upright and righteous.

 Yet the churches are growing and the pastors' bank balances too.

We have compiled a list of the controversial activities pastors have engaged in over the past year.