What is an inpatient treatment programme?

  • This is usually the most intensively structured approach to treatment. For many it is also the most effective method in dealing with addiction and recovery.

    During treatment patients live together in a specialised therapeutic environment, in which they learn about their disease.

    Intensive counselling and educational programmes help them break down denial patterns and teach them coping skills for their return home.

You can benefit if you:

  • Are suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms, have relapsed or cannot attend outpatient treatment;

  • Live in a particularly stressful or drug-oriented environment;

  • Are addicted to more than one substance or believe that if you don't get help, you're dead.

Selecting the right treatment:

  • Make sure your medical aid covers an adequate percentage of the treatment;

  • Select a treatment philosophy that puts patients, their sobriety and mental and physical health before staff convenience or financial concerns;

  • Look for a treatment that takes a medical approach. Remember you are ill, not crazy;

  • Go for one that offers a detox facility (if you require it);

  • Select a centre that offers adequate treatment time (about six weeks) and has affiliations with reputable support groups and aftercare organisations, such as AA, Sanca or NA;

  • Seek a professional environment and a centre that uses medication only when absolutely necessary;

  • Adequate group sessions, one-on-one therapy and emphasis on family involvement;

  • Recreational therapy that channels creative energy;

  • A sound referral network and aftercare support system.

Guide to addiction treatment centres in the Western Cape

  • State-subsidised: De Nova (call (021) 988-1138), the province's sole, fully state-subsidised institution, also provides a youth centre.

    Cost: patients can pay R1 a day if they can afford it. Otherwise treatment is free.

    Treatment: seven weeks for adults, three weeks for youths.

    Referrals: regional office of department of social services, as well as Sanca.

    Treatment: detoxification, group work, life skills and information therapy and family therapy.

    Call De Nova Youth Centre at (021) 988-1108.

  • Partly state-funded: Toevlug, run by Reverend Tommy Fredericks. Call (023) 342-1162.

    Cost: sliding scale for the unemployed. About R2 500 for treatment for heroin addiction, R1 700 for dagga and mandrax; R1 500 for alcohol.

    Duration: five weeks.

    Treatment: detoxification and orientation, then therapy with a multi-disciplinary team. Links with Stepping Stones.

  • Private Treatment: Stepping Stones is the only treatment centre accredited by Cohasasa. The centre's substance-abuse programme scored 100 percent. Call (021) 783-4230.

    Cost: hospital accommodation and medical fees for three weeks R15 540. This includes services of psychiatrist, clinical psychologist and general practitioner. Some beds are provided free to members of disadvantaged communities.

    Treatment: Minnesota model involving abstinence and holistic treatment methodology.

    Includes intensive counselling, group therapy, presentations and multi-disciplinary methods to break down denial system, as well as rebuild physical, psychological and spiritual levels. Meditation and physical exercise are encouraged.

  • Religion-based centres: Noupoort in the Karoo costs R4 000 for a 16-week programme, payable in advance. R9 120 is charged for a 32-week programme. Call (049) 843-1747/87.

    Duration: at least 16 weeks. After evaluation a further 16 weeks may be recommended. After a 32-week period, another 32 weeks may be necessary.

    Treatment: on arrival each inmate is allocated to a work team. In the first four weeks they work in the kitchen or vegetable garden.

    Then inmates are allocated to suitable tasks and projects. It is stressed that facilities and projects are for work therapy, not money-making endeavours. Taking care of the pitbulls forms part of the programme.

    Group sessions facilitated by Pastor Sophos take place three times a week and focus primarily on spiritual matters.

    Aftercare: a 12-week halfway house facility at Rhema Recovery Centre.

  • Other useful numbers:

    Bridges: (021) 852-6065

    Sanca: 945-4080

    Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre: 447-8026

    Helderberg Drug and Alcohol Action Committee: 852-4820

    Crescent Clinic: 762-7666

    Kenilworth Place: 797-0190

    Narcotics Anonymous: 0881 300-327

    Naranon: 0881 296-791

    Help: 082 788-3959

    Tough Love: 438-9662