Denise Ganas pictured with her husband Nathan Ganas, who was killed in a hail of bullets trying to protect her during a hijacking in the driveway of their Shallcross home. Picture: Supplied

Johannesburg - The widow of a Shallcross man whose insurance policy Momentum refused to pay out after he was killed in a hijacking has rejected the refund of her family's premiums by the insurer.


Ganas' claim was declined by the insurer on the grounds he had not disclosed that he was diagnosed with raised blood sugar levels which may have occurred before he completed his application for the policy in 2014. 

The insurer faced backlash on social media and despite sticking to its guns over the rejected payout, said it would refund the premiums paid by the Ganas family since the inception of the policy. 

The insurer has also backtracked on its demand that the family repay the R50 000 cash benefit which they used to pay for his funeral. 

Ganas, speaking to 702, confirmed she'd been paid back the premiums paid for the policy. 

"I received a call from Stephen van Niekerk from Momentum [at] about 3pm today, he advised me that they had put the premiums into my bank account and they have made a decision to not ask for the R50 000 back for the funeral benefit. 

"This case is still pending and I told him 'Steven I'm not accepting your premiums, I am still fighting them' and he said they have come to a decision regarding the premium."