The only way to earn respect from people who had thrown him out of a bachelor's party and "to make a name for himself" was by killing them.

This is according to the evidence of a man who had driven 30-year-old Glen Dawes and his 28-year-old friend Rubin Pennels, both of Florida, to a bachelor's party at the Lion's Den Pub in Roodepoort, where Dawes mowed down four people.

Craig Norman Wood was testifying in the Johannesburg High Court trial of Pennels on Monday.

The trial emanates from an incident on March 21 last year in which Dawes shot and killed pub owner Simon Pretorius, policeman Julian Dry, ex-policeman Richus Liebenberg and security guard Richard Selepe.

Dawes and Pennels had been thrown out of the party after being involved in an altercation with patrons. They returned later, whereupon Dawes shot the four dead and wounded two other patrons.

In September, Dawes pleaded guilty to all charges and was subsequently convicted and sentenced to four life terms for the murders.

Dawes' subsequent accomplice, Charmaine Knoetze, was given a three-year sentence under correctional supervision for being an accessory to murder and defeating the ends of justice. Knoetze admitted in court to having hidden the murder weapon.

The two men were tried separately after Dawes admitted the charges and Pennels denied them.

In his testimony, Wood told the court that on the night in question he was woken up by Dawes, who ordered him to drive him (Dawes) and Pennels to the Florida shopping centre.

Both Dawes and Pennels were carrying firearms, said Wood, adding that he did not know why the men wanted to be taken to the shopping centre.

Wood said he had felt threatened by Dawes, whom he described as aggressive when drunk.

On the way, "he (Dawes) was saying he was going to get respect from people", Wood said.

Dawes had also said that if Pennels was not going to take part in the intended shooting at the pub, he (Dawes) himself was going to shoot Pennels.

When they arrived at the pub, Dawes got out of the car while Wood and Pennels remained inside.

"Suddenly I heard gunshots. I was in a panic and wanted to drive away but Rubin said that if I drive away I'll be next (to be shot)," Woods testified.

Dawes then ordered Wood to drive to a shebeen.

"He (Dawes) said he was going to have respect now and make a name for himself," Wood told the court.

The trial continues.