Residents watch in despair as shacks belonging mostly to Zimbabweans are set alight by taxi drivers in Tshwane. File photo: Bongani Shilubane/African News Agency (ANA).

JOHANNESBURG - The African Transformation Movement (ATM) on Monday condemned what it alleged were "engineered upheavals" in South Africa.

The party said the attacks on foreign nationals were manufactured and were aimed at driving a wedge between South Africa and the rest of her neighbours in order to deliberately isolate it from other countries on the continent.

“We view these distractions seriously as part of a veiled strategy to formally recolonise South Africa. Social media with video clips either from outside South Africa or from South Africa but on historic conflicts are being shared around as if they are current just to stoke the conflict even more,” the party said in a statement. 

The party added that it found it curious that during the height of the mayhem in recent days the rand currency not only stabilised but strengthened against the dollar, from R15.30 on September 1 to R14.77 on September 7.

The party said it was also calling for crime intelligence services to double their efforts to nip the violence in the bud to to work hand in hand with other agencies on the continent, for borders to be sealed to avoid undocumented and illegal immigrants, and only for those with scarce and critical skills to be allowed to work in South Africa. 

“Countries in the continent are requested to be measured in their response and see this situation for what it is and not allow nefarious agendas to take root" with a view to finding lasting solutions.

African News Agency (ANA)