Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa Picture: @MYANC/Twitter

Johannesburg - The second day of the ANC policy conference in Soweto will be dominated by commission discussions and debates on key ideas. 

The conference started on Friday with ANC President Jacob Zuma is giving his organisational party speech, where he outlined some the issues that have eroded the party such as corruption and factions.  

The first commission is chaired by Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa and deals with the strategy, tactics and organisational renewal. Organisational renewal has become a big talking point for the party as it grapples with factional battles and allegations of corruption by some its members. 

Other commissions will be held over the next three days will cover issues such as education, health, social transformation and legislature and governance. 

On Friday night ANC general-secretary Gwede Mantashe eventually presented his diagnostic report to delegates after reports emerged that he was prevented from speaking. Some delegates said it was not ANC tradition for such a report to be presented at a policy conference. 

The report was critical and outlined the issues facing the party, such as the alleged influence that the Gupta family has over some members of the party and the government. 

Mantashe said divisions in the party could no longer be denied and that vote-buying was a serious worry and was damaging structures. 

When asked whether it would deal with the issue of state capture at the conference, Mantashe said although they would not discuss the issue of state capture, they were in support of the establishment of a commission of inquiry. 

He said the inquiry would also please the public especially because it will be conducted outside the party.
The conference ends next week.

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