Picture: Zintle Mahlati

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma says the ongoing 5th national policy conference of the African National Congress. is going well as delegates continue to debate policy recommendations and finding solutions to issues facing the party.

Zuma was walking though the exhibitions on Monday at the conference venue in Nasrec, Soweto, and looked pleased as he smiled and waved at people showcasing their exhibitions.

He said he was happy about the quality of debate at various commissions especially input from young people and the ANC stalwarts.

“We discussed all the things that we wanted to discuss. And the fact that we had more days I think that gave us the opportunity to have more debates, so that there is time to clarify issues,” said Zuma.

Video: Zintle Mahlati

Zuma said delegates also spent time discussing how to better improve implementation of policies. The party is often criticized for its slow implementation of policies, such as the National Development Plan.

“We have focused specifically on the implementation side because we know there are some issues there. So it is going very well and we are very happy. When there are problems we always find solutions,” said Zuma.

The policy conference started on Friday and so far the party’s delegates and have been discussing organisational renewal and strategy.

It will end on Wednesday.

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