Latest Malema house pics 16-01-13 Picture:Paballo Thekiso

Johannesburg - Former ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema, who is reportedly facing bankruptcy, this week visited the R16 million Sandton bachelor pad apparently being built for him to check on progress at the property which features a rooftop deck and a bunker.

Builders at the site in upmarket Sandown Estates returned to work this week to complete the multi-million mansion despite Malema’s reported financial woes.

Malema’s house is being built by Kwandisa Construction.

Last week Malema was photographed in his cabbage patch by City Press and in an interview said many of his former friends now treat him as leper – and The Star reported that his once former ally Boy Mamabolo threatened to exhume the body of the former youth league leader’s late mother, Mahlodi.

Now a deed search shows Malema does not own any properties in Johannesburg.

But worker on the site told the Saturday Star that Malema had taken a tour of the house which is now hidden behind high walls.

“He came here to look at how far things were before it is completed,” said the employee. “He looked happy with what he was seeing as the workers returned to work for the first time this week since last year.”

Malema had the original R3.6m house on the site torn down in 2011 so it could be replaced with his new house.

A security guard prevented the Saturday Star photographer from taking pictures of the house this week claiming he was trespassing.

It was evident work was nearing completion with walls and floors plastered and only a roof and doors yet to be put in.

According to curious neighbours, the 4m high wall around the house has locked out their view of the mansion.

“It’s been fairly quiet and it feels like there is not much progress inside,” said one neighbour.

Malema who has now turned to farming cabbages and cattle told City Press last weekend that he was now treated as a leper by those whom he had once counted on as friends and allies.

He said he now grows cabbages, tomatoes and keeps cattle. “We’ve seen friends vacillating. We’ve seen friends bowing to the pressure of the enemy. We’ve seen friends speaking in tongues and some are even so ashamed to be seen with you in public because to them you look like you’ve got leprosy…” Malema said.

It seems Malema’s woes, after his expulsion from the ANC, have not affected the house’s construction.

Malema claimed he got a bond based on his ANC Youth League salary. It later transpired Malema was funding his lifestyle through his Ratanang Family Trust. The trust had allegedly received its income through a series of “cash payments” by contractors Malema had allegedly assisted in securing lucrative contracts.

Malema could not be reached for comment.

Saturday Star