EFF leader Julius Malema during a memorial service for Fidel Castro hosted by the party in Soweto. Picture: @EFFSouthAfrica

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma is a sellout. A man who represents principles that opposed those of iconic revolutionary Fidel Castro.

This is according to Julius Malema, who, during a memorial service for Castro hosted by the EFF in Soweto on Thursday, attacked Zuma, likening him to former Cuban president Fulgencio Batista.

Castro, who made his way into power in 1959, died a week ago aged 90.

“Who are you to go around to say Fidel must rest in peace, when you sold out what Fidel stood for?

“Zuma is not even ashamed to go and speak at the memorial service of Fidel when he knows very well that he is the opposite of what Fidel is fighting,” Malema said to roars and cheers from EFF members who packed the Protea South Multipurpose Complex.



“Zuma is the Batista of our time. Zuma is a criminal. Zuma is benefiting his family and his friends like Batista did in Cuba, and we must crush him like Fidel crushed Batista,” he said.

Malema cast a cloud of doubt over allegations of failed assassinations, allegedly made by Zuma.

“He said there were plans to kill him. How many times? Three times? We are talking serious things here,” he said. “More than 600 times by the imperialist forces. America attempting to kill him.”

He alleged that conspiracies to assassinate Zuma were a result of a high dosage of love potions given to him by his wives. “More than three times Zuma’s wives attempted to kill him. There is no conspiracy.

“MaNtuli was kicked out for having fed Zuma poison, and when I investigated through my own investigations, it was not poison. It was a love potion - korobela,” he said.

“But the mistake she did, she gave him an overdose.”

The ANC has repeatedly denied such rumours.

Malema’s attack did not end there, as he also blasted Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande for failing to resolve issues surrounding free tertiary education.

“Who’s Blade Nzimande to say “rest in peace, Fidel” when he refused to give children free education while the children in Cuba have free education? Why is Blade lying that Fidel is his role model? Because if Fidel was his role model, he would have ushered in free education by now,” he said.

Malema said that, like Cubans, South Africans deserved to have access to free quality healthcare and education.


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