An engineering company, in which former ANC Youth League president Julius Malema hold shares through his family trust, cannot apply for state tenders for five years, according to a report. File photo: Reuters.

Johannesburg - Ousted ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema tells The Star about his New Year’s Eve plans and what he’ll be up to in 2013.

“On New Year’s Eve I’ll be home. Then on January 1 we’ll go to the all-white party – exclusive and private.

“The year 2013 should be a good year. Most issues that confronted us have, in the main, been dealt with in 2012. We all know where we stand now politically, and we know what the future looks like.

“I’m out of the ANC because I’ve exhausted all the internal processes. I’m an ordinary South African, so people should now be able to convince me where to put my cross in 2014.

“I’m even much happier that I’m not in that space where I’ll be going around selling things to people that are not sellable. I want to have that feeling of being canvassed, where politicians knock on my door canvassing me.

“The second one is the case I’m facing – fraud and racketeering. I’m going to appear (in court) in April, so we’ll be appealing the venue as it was to be moved to Pretoria.

“I’m doing well with farming – I’ve got tomato, cabbage, butternut and cattle. So, during harvesting in February, those who want to buy can approach me.”

The Star

* This story has been edited to remove quotes not belonging to Julius Malema.  IOL apologises for the error.