Defence advocate Barry Roux

Cape Town - Oscar Pistorius advocate Barry Roux has found unexpected “fame” in a hilarious rap parody featuring his signature phrase: “I put it to you”.

Unwittingly following the trend of celebrity cross-overs, Roux transitioned from the courtroom to rap super-stardom when a local radio station aired the Barry Roux rap song, which quickly garnered a cult following with more than 30 000 people listening to it on SoundCloud, and more than 17 000 views on YouTube. The song will be accompanied by a music video in the coming weeks.

The parody, created by Johannesburg’s Highveld Stereo Xpress show producer Brad O’Regan, has Roux rapping about his habit of repeating questions, his “lady voice” and, of course, putting it to witnesses.

Just under two-and-a-half minutes long, it starts with a reporter asking Roux for an interview. The advocate sheepishly asks: “You want to know a little about me?”, before asking the DJ to drop a beat and start a rap rendition that would make stars such as Eminem and Snoop Dog envious… or cringe with embarrassment.

“I put it to you, everything you say I will misconstrue. I’m Barry Roux I put it to you 10 times to confuse you. Check it out y’all it’s no mystery, I will repeat things in the court’s history. I ask you the same thing 10 times because the only thing worse than my memory is my rhymes.”

Not even Roux’s colleagues are safe from the parody, as he raps about his “bad-ass crew” and the “hot blonde on the Bench”, referring to candidate attorney for the defence, Roxanne Adams.

Eskom and President Jacob Zuma also take a few hits in the lyrics: “You may think I’m a chop and I’m dom (dumb), but at least I don’t work at Eskom”, and “After Nkandla and e-tolls JZ is loving this stuff double-fold”.

The rap goes on about Roux’s insecurity about sounding like a “lady”, and asking for people to stop hating him because he “only makes 100k a day”.

Twitters users are in hysterics, with user Faith_hope_love posting: “Barry roux song! ...needing relief from trial, the Barry Roux parody song.”

Cebisa wrote: “What if I put it to you that this is hilarious.”

O’Regan said he was very happy with the reaction from the public and was working on a music video to accompany the song.

- Weekend Argus