President Zuma is set to answer 6 questions in the National Assembly today, including on state capture and the NPA's decision over the fraud charges against him. File picture: Nic Bothma/EPA

Parliament - President Jacob Zuma is set to answer questions for oral reply from MPs in the National Assembly at 2pm on Thursday.
Zuma is scheduled to answer six questions that include:

* When he intends appointing the National Commissioner of the SA Police Service?

* What programmes have been implemented by the Government with regard to the fight against poverty to ensure that the fight is successful?

* What is the government’s position in respect of the findings contained in the Unburdening Panel report of the SA Council of Churches and the report of the academics titled Betrayal of the Promise: How the Nation is Being Stolen, which detail the emergence of a shadow state that feeds off the state by establishing a network of patronage, corruption and state capture (details furnished)?

* How is the Presidency through the Presidential Infrastructure Co-ordinating Commission intending to further use infrastructure development to stimulate economic growth and create jobs?

* What are the legal costs incurred by his Office and/or the Presidency since 1 May 2009 in the National Prosecuting Authority’s decision to drop the fraud, corruption and racketeering charges against him?

* Whether the government is currently able to effectively manage the effects of climate change, especially its impact on the economy?