Cape Town-140821-The EFF demand answers from Jacob Zuma. Picture Jeffrey Abrahams

Johannesburg - After trending on Twitter for the better part of Thursday afternoon, Julius Malema and the EFF’s “we want da money” jibe in parliament made it to the 5FM Morning Drive show on Friday morning.

The EFF’s attack on President Jacob Zuma during the question session became the fodder for a song on the DJ Fresh breakfast show. The show’s producers used the song For The Love of Money by The O’Jays as a backing track to the EFF’s demands for Zuma to pay back the money for security updates at Nkandla.

Over the song’s trumpets and upbeat sounds you hear the EFF members saying: “We want da money… pay back that Nkandla money… We want da money.” The Speaker of the National Assembly Baleka Mbete is also remixed into the song, asking the unruly politicians to take their seats, saying she will not listen to their questions.

An “angry” ANC issued a stern warning to the EFF, saying the party’s continued “provocation” of its members and president could lead to violence if not addressed.

This follows chaos in the National Assembly on Thursday when proceedings came to a halt because EFF members were unhappy with Zuma’s reply to their questions on Nkandla.

Parliament will establish a committee to probe the conduct of the EFF and possible sanctions for the party’s members who disrupted proceedings.

Other opposition parties have also joined the ANC in expressing their disappointment with the EFF’s conduct, which saw scores of riot police dispatched to Parliament to bring them to order.

Angry ANC MPs could be seen trying to force themselves through the doors of the chamber to physically confront the EFF MPs.

The chamber had to be abandoned when members of the EFF started chanting “Pay back the money, pay back the money, pay back the money!”.

With those words, the National Assembly had to be temporarily suspended and riot police called in to remove the rowdy EFF members out of the chamber.

The chaos started after the EFF expressed unhappiness with Zuma’s response to questions about paying back money spent on Nkandla.

Zuma was responding to questions from EFF leader Julius Malema on the Nkandla upgrades and whether he would pay back any money, as recommended by Public Protector Thuli Madonsela.

At one point, the Speaker, Baleka Mbete, called in the sergeant-at-arms to throw the EFF members out.

Mbete eventually adjourned Parliament before Zuma could complete presidential question time.

ANC MP Jackson Mthembu told a media briefing on Thursday night that all ANC MPs were irate. “To say ‘angry’ is an understatement. All of us were hot under the collar, but assisted by discipline taught to us by ANC. We have seen other scenes in other parliaments where MPs get into fist fights. That could have been possible today, I assure you,” he said.

The ANC wanted to send a clear warning to the EFF, he added. “What happened today should not be allowed to happen again.”

ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa said: “We warn them not to take us back to the past. We will defend our hard-won democracy.”

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