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Johannesburg - The ANC Youth League will propose resolutions on the nationalisation of certain minerals and strategic mining companies at the party's 53rd national conference in Mangaung, it said on Friday.

“...We shall be proposing nationalisation of the following minerals: iron ore, magnesium, platinum group minerals, vanadium, manganese, coal and zinc,” a statement ahead of the conference said.

“We will further call for the renationalisation of Sasol, ArcelorMittal and Kumba (Iron Ore)as strategic assets that should be under the stewardship of the state for the broader benefit of all South Africans,” said Khusela Sangoni-Khawe, ANCYL head of communications.

This was in line with resolutions the league had taken on nationalisation as a way of attaining “economic freedom”.

The league said this was its response to a call for a definitive input on minerals to be strategically nationalised.

A decision would be based on the economic importance of the mineral or sector concerned and safeguarding supplies for “economic and political sovereignty”.

The league experienced a tumultuous year - its president Julius Malema was expelled as an ANC member and other leaders were suspended.

The statement described the upcoming conference as the “parliament” of the branches of the ANC.

Future generations should look back on decisions taken to define this “epoch” as the period the ANC made a decisive break from the legacy of apartheid colonialism and the continuing suffering of the black majority in South Africa.

The league said: “Manguang is expected to respond to the very urgent demand for the people to share in the country’s wealth.”

The league would affirm policy positions and continue to call for radical programme of action.

This includes: expropriation of land without compensation for equitable redistribution, and the amendment of section 25 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa to give effect to this; nationalisation of mines and other strategic sectors for Industrialisation; inclusive and decentralised economic growth and development; land restitution and agrarian reform.

The party must also place further emphasis on youth development; introduce compulsory youth service and implement a job stipend.

The statement made no mention of Malema.

It has been suggested that a motion from the floor at the conference could be his last chance to have his expulsion lifted.

At Mangaung, the party is expected to discuss the controversial issue of nationalisation of the mines during policy sessions.

It has rejected “wholesale nationalisation” in favour of “strategic nationalisation”, and called for “transformative state intervention in the economy”.

Options could include the more strategic use of existing state-owned companies, and strategic nationalisation.

A proposed job-seekers grant would also be up for discussion. - Sapa