Picture: Monique Murray
Iain Milne joined the anti-Zuma protest in Kenilworth, Cape Town, this morning. He shares his thoughts.

Initial confusion as to how to start was quickly dispelled minutes before 10am.

“What do we do, just go up to someone random and ask to hold their hand?”

Flashbacks to the energy of the 2010 World Cup started when the hooting of car horns grew, encouraging the line of young, old, black, white and coloured taking a literal stand, wanting to be heard.

As the crowd and line grew, I stood proud. It’s still unclear if this will make a substantial difference, but the power comes from getting involved, from being able to say: “I was there.”

Personally, I left the line of demonstrators feeling lighter, stronger, and energised having been a part of history.

To those who made a difference today, whether it was for 10 minutes or more, I am elated to have done it with you.

To those who felt it was not worth it and observed from the sidelines, I hope you were inspired for days to come, we’re going to need it.