Picture: [email protected]_NorthWest
Rustenburg – The Democratic Alliance held pickets at major intersection in Rustenburg on Friday, as part of the call for President Jacob Zuma to resign as head of the country.

The protest were held in Phokeng at the Phokeng Mall intersection, Boitekong Mall at the R510 intersection, Waterfall Mall and in Rustenburg inner city.

Party members held poster calling for President Jacob Zuma to resigned. "Fire Zuma" read one poster.

Some business closed down, a notice on their door read: "We are closed due to the political situation in South Africa".

This notice left customers confused as to whether the shut down was only for a day or the businesses had closed down.

Despite the call to shut down the country in a push for Zuma to step down, ordinary people were busy with their daily engagement, workers reported for work and shoppers fill the platinum city supermarkets.

Some did not know what the protest was all about. "Why are people protesting?" asked a woman identifying herself Prudence.

"I am in town for my weekly shopping, I heard about the march and protest but, was never told why should I join."

A mineworker giving his name as Andile wanted to know if the organisers of the protest would pay him if he joined the march.

"I could not just stay away from work. Will they pay me if I did not go to work. If Zuma goes tomorrow, what will be the next step, who is going to replace him?" he asked.

He said the call for Zuma to resigned was not clearly explained to ordinary citizen.

"What will happened if Zuma did not resign, are we going to eject him out of office what is the next plan after the protest."