President Jacob Zuma faces yet another motion of no confidence vote on August 3. File picture: Phando Jikelo/ANA Pictures
Cape Town - Parliament has announced that the motion of no confidence vote against President Jacob Zuma is scheduled for August 3. 

Speaker Baleka Mbete said on Friday that she was still considering the option of a secret ballot vote. 

Opposition political parties had first brought the motion earlier this year, but asked Mebte to postpone the vote pending  the Constitutional Court's judgment on whether Mbete has the powers to call for a secret vote in a motion of no confidence. 

That judgment was handed down last week, where the court said Mbete in fact had the power to call for such a vote. This was after Mbete said she does not. 

The court said Mbete should make the decision in a rational manner and consider all the options before her. 

Opposition parties have already threatened that they would take Mbete's decision on review if she did not make a decision on the secret ballot in a rational manner. 

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