Picture: @MYANC
Johannesburg – President Jacob Zuma hit back at his critics during his 75th birthday celebration in Soweto, and told African National Congress supporters that "he was doing well with no stress".

The buoyant Zuma also reiterated his call that the land be returned to South African citizens. He then turned his attention to opposition parties who have in recent times launched an onslaught against his presidency.

He accused the parties of an inability to debate and tackle issues cordially.

The parties marched on Wednesday in Pretoria demanding that he resign. "Don't be scared of them when you see them marching saying Zuma must go...but what has Zuma done," he said to loud cheers from the audience.

"(Late former president) Nelson Mandela once called the opposition Mickey Mouse parties because they attack the ANC...there was nothing wrong with Mandela or (former president Thabo) Mbeki, opposition parties attack leaders."

He talked about his knowledge of politics, and said that at 75, he was experienced. He said he had seen men and women come and go in the movement, including those who pledged allegiance to the movement, but then later "became traitors".

He also referred to "an unruly" opposition party.

"Let's vote and change leaders properly, not do like this other party whose name I have forgotten. They're unruly and want to take power violently."

African News Agency