Picture: ANA
Cape Town – Thousands of South African citizens gathered in front of parliament, in Cape Town on Friday, in the protest calling for President Jacob Zuma to step down.

Angry protesters flooded parliament's gates in protest following Zuma's controversial cabinet reshuffle last week. The masses held SA flags flying in the Cape Town wind and placards saying Zuma must fall amongst others.

One of the many protesters, Matt Laird said that people are there to get rid of president Zuma and his cabinet. "We are coming together as the country to let those in authority know that we want Zuma out because we love this country and if we don't stand up the economy of this country will go down."

He said that he does not think the march will change anything because it's not only Zuma that is the problem in the African National Congress.

"I hope people won't give up until the president resigns. I hope people can stay united as South Africans and keep on fighting this corruption that is happening in our country," Laird added.


While a protester from Guguletu wishing to remain anonymous said that the ANC was a humiliation to the other political parties.

"We want leadership and not what is happening now. A huge number of ANC followers is complaining but they won't come out because they simply do not want to show that the party is dying."

African News Agency