Give someone else a tomorrow by donating blood

By Sponsored Content Time of article published Jun 16, 2020

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The South African Blood Bank Service is appealing to the youth of South Africa to give another person the opportunity to live and see another day by becoming a blood donor and donating blood on a regular basis.

There are numerous benefits to donating blood.

Not only are you giving somebody else an opportunity to live, donating blood helps to discover any red flags as before every blood donation your iron level and blood pressure will be checked and your pulse taken.

Donating blood also reduces the risk of heart disease and cholestrol plus it burns calories.

So go on ... give someone else a chance at tomorrow by donating blood.

Give another a tomorrow
You have that ‘Ke Yona’, bae. Don’t waste it
ln you, lives a voice waiting to be heard
Beating inside you is the spirit of, ‘Pusha Pressa Phanda’
No manga, manga, bhiznis
Only you can put your heart and soul into it
Only you can activate your gift
Only you can exploit your talent
Bruh, you’ve got to put in the work
So, wear your crown girl and take up space
Stay woke young blood and switch off the snooze button
It’s time to grow up and glow up
YAASS! It’s time to slay
YOLO, for real
Throw shade upon your doubt
Don’t be shook
You’re lit, Keep it 100
Make them shout, ‘OMG!’
Ekse, in your blood lives the passion of a GOAT
Your blood also bears the courage of a hero.
To all the youngins, gaz’lam, ngisho nawe girl.
You can help others live to see another day.
Your blood is priceless.

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