Harvest Group has, as part of its CSI allocated 200 000 high-quality face masks to government schools.
Harvest Group has, as part of its CSI allocated 200 000 high-quality face masks to government schools.

Harvest Group donates PPE to schools in an effort to curb Covid-19

By Sponsored Content Time of article published Apr 8, 2021

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Covid-19 and the subsequent devasting effect that it has had on our country has highlighted the need of all South Africans to offer support to those who are in great need.

In ensuring that all citizens are protected against Covid-19, the Harvest Group has, as part of its Corporate Social Investment rolled out a drive to allocate 200 000 high-quality face masks to government schools to alleviate some of the pressure on the state and to ensure that children can continue attending school, while having access to adequate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Shenton Sun, CEO of the Harvest Group says that amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, the importance of keeping our children safe, particularly with the third wave of infections expected as we head into the colder months of the year, is crucial to assist where an opportunity arises.

“By providing high quality masks to schools we are able to ensure that children, their families and the teachers at the school are protected against the disease. While the government is racing to procure vaccines and to rollout to South Africans, we do know that there is still no treatment or cure for Covid-19.”

As the pandemic reached our shores, Harvest Group reduced the potato bags line to allocate as much as possible manufacturing capacity to assist South Africa fighting virus with high-quality melt-blown and SS spun bond non-woven cloth which is used to manufacture surgical masks.

Working in collaboration with Protechnik Larboratories to produce the best quality material that is comparable to international standards, they have achieved 99% for BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) for 3 layer masks, 98% PFE (Particle Filtration efficiency) for FFP2 mask. The SMS cloth gets more than 200mm hydrostatic pressure which is standard for use in protective gowns against the virus and has been certified by DEFCON as a quality product.

“We, as a company, realised that the masks supplied to the general public, and especially our children, are of inferior quality but because the general public does not have the equipment to test these masks, it’s very difficult to discern. We have a laboratory with the equipment to test and quarantine all the products to meet the South Africa standard.” Sun, as the driving force behind the sponsorship of face masks for children in South Africa, explains.

“Many of the masks that are out there are not always of the best quality and we have therefore launched an initiative to supply SS-Spunbond and Meltblown material to 5W Masks, who then make the masks. Both ourselves and 5W Masks do this at our own cost so together we supply a better quality masks to achieve the best protection for the children and to support our local society,” Sun says.

5W Mask, is a local mask manufacturer with BEE status based in Paarl, Western Cape. According to 5W Mask, “We specifically focus on facial mask as we noticed a need in the market for quality locally produced disposable respiratory products. We have invested a copious amount of time in researching the local industry requirements and designed a disposable mask that now compares favourably with the best products on the market. Our products not only meets the legal Occupational Health and Safety requirements, but also meets the Environmental Regulations for material and disposal thereof.” Explained by William Hu, the managing director of 5W.

The Guardian Africa, a local company created to assist and protect South Africans, and play our role in rebuilding our economy within our country and the African continent, take same way as 5w to supply 100, 000 3-ply face masks to our school drive and initiative with Harvest group.

The Kiley Baker Group of companies, which includes KB Labels, one of the leading label printing companies in the industry, that specialises in flexographic label print technologies, which allows us to print labels of high quality on a range of substrates with superior finishing which our clients are proud to apply to their products, was responsible for the labelling of the packaging for the face masks delivered to the schools in the initiative.

The recipients of the ISO accredited face masks include Cape Agri Louterwater, Eduplex School, primary school Jeugpark, Mshuluzane Primary School , Itau Milling, Palm Ridge Secondary School, primary school Sanddrift Brits, primary school Gamtoosvallei, combined school Kirkwood, combined school Mclachlan Joubertina, primary school Unitas, CVO school VIVO. Sanddrift primary school , Boithuto combined school Swartwater , Suiderberg school for children with special needs, Jacobsdal Primary school , CVO school Marmer Marble Hall, Koedoesrand academy Baltimore.

The schools, learners, academic staff and governing school bodies were profuse in their gratitude towards the Harvest Group and the other supporters for the generous donations of face masks.

“Learners and academic staff are daily at risk of exposure to Covid-19. A face mask, made from a superb quality material, can go the extra mile in saving a life.” concludes Sun.

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