ACVV Sonder Sorge Tehuis old age home is supported and funded by Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects.
ACVV Sonder Sorge Tehuis old age home is supported and funded by Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects.

Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects assists local communities during Mandela Month

By Sponsored Content Time of article published Jul 21, 2020

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In celebration of Mandela month, Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects, in which China Longyuan (the world’s largest wind power developer and operator) is the majority shareholder, generously donates to and supports the local communities to share a better future with them.

Hompie Kepompie is a multi-cultural school situated in De Aar. The school, which has been in existance for 50 years, has 50 pupils ranging from 3 to 6 years old, 3 teachers and several supporting staff. During the national lockdown, some parents were unable to pay school fees and were in desperate need of assistance.

The school has launched a fundraising project by collecting groceries from various donors. Raffle tickets were sold to parents at R20 each and 2 winners received the groceries. Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects donated groceries, face masks and hand sanitizers to the school to the total value of R30 000 to enable all parents who are in need to receive support on 18th July.

Jacqueline Goss, Head of School Governing Body, said, “The school and all parents are extremely grateful to Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects for their generous support and with their prompt response in assisting the school. The effects of Covid-19 has caused many parents to lose their jobs and as a result, are unable to pay school fees. We are appreciative of Longyuan Mulilo going above and beyond what we initially requested and also assisting with the sanitizers and face masks for the children’ s safety.”

During the pandemic, the ECD centre in Britstown is facing great financial burden. Karoo Druppels has been in operations for over 3 years and has also been under financial constraints to conduct major repairs to the centre. The ECD centre has experienced multiple break-ins and vandalizing of the premises due to the lack of security. The children were unable to play outside as a result of the lack of play facilities.

Wilma Strauss, Chairman of Karoo Druppels, told us that they were deeply concerned for the safety of the children. Upon their request for assistance, and to ensure the local children are safe and can have fun when they return after this special time, Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects donated artificial grass, a jungle gym and repaired the security fencing to upgrade the entire facility. On the 17th of July, total cost spent was over R220 000. More than 70 children will benefit from this donation and will now be able to play outside in a secure and safe environment.

Wilma Strauss said, “We are so appreciative of the continuous help and funding Longyuan Mulilo provides to us and for the additional infrastructural support for Karoo Druppels. We would have not been able to do this on our own and we thank you for the support.”

Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects made another huge donation towards ACVV Sonder Sorge Tehuis for the elderly weeks ago. A generator worth R135 000 was supplied by De Aar Electric to ease the burden of load-shedding on the old age home, and more than 45 local community members can benefit from the generator.

Load shedding has recently returned in South Africa, the generator from Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects will assist the old age home with power during load shedding, especially for the oxygen machines for the elders who are terminally ill. Jeanette Maritz from the community said, “Thank you to Longyuan Mulilo for being there for us whenever we request assistance and for your everlasting support.”

It is now winter in South Africa, and to assist the local people to avoid the cold, Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects also donated 90 blankets worth R20,000 to Sonder Sorge . This translates into two blankets per bed. This donation brings great joy and appreciation during the COVID-19 period especially amongst the elderly as this will keep them warm during these cold winter months.

The blankets are being marked by Hennies Sentrum. Every blanket gets embroidered to show that it is the property of Sonder Sorge. The Management of Sonder Sorge and the residents are grateful towards Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects for these generous donations.

Emthanjeni Municipality has been approached by the staff at Kholekile Twani Clinics at Nonzwakzi Location in De Aar to request assistance with the supply of a container which will be used as a COVID-19 testing room. The clinic does not have sufficient space therefore there is no isolated area for Covid-19 testing.

To support local people fighting against the virus, the container worth R200,000 was donated to the clinic and will be available until the end of December 2020. Over 10,000 people will be encouraged to test for COVID -19 in De Aar

Thembisile Msengana, who is the manager of the Municipality, said, “We are so blessed to have Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects as a social partner with Emthenjeni Municipality over the previous years. Any request for assistance we have made to Longyuan Mulilo, especially during the Covid -19 pandemic, has been addressed and this is another instance where Longyuan Mulilo has come on board to assist the local clinic with their urgent need. We thank Longyuan Mulilo for all their effort and continuous support, the community and the municipality is very grateful for all the help.”

To date, Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects donated in total R667,000 so that they can all enjoy a better life.

Longyuan Mulilo management said: "We are part of the local municipality, and we share the same joy and sorrow with all the entire community. We will be here with everyone, showing that Longyuan Mulilo is a responsible corporation."

Happy Mandela Day!

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