WATCH: Bonitas provides access to quality healthcare

Published Aug 31, 2022


Equal access to quality healthcare continues to be a challenge for developing countries. And with a significantly overburdened state healthcare system, affordable medical aid provides a necessary alternative and peace of mind for South African families.

Inclusive, value-based peace of mind

Bonitas Medical Fund started out in the early 80s as a medical aid for black civil servants. Since then, the company’s focus on innovation and agility has seen it grow into an open medical scheme with an emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility for all South Africans.

SAINC went to meet an array of satisfied customers. These included long-standing members who have received continued support from Bonitas well into their healthy and happy retirement, family legacy members, and young up-and-coming professionals - all getting the customised service and peace-of-mind they need when it comes to their personal and family health.

As an evolving business with its finger on the pulse of change, Bonitas also realises that the youth consume healthcare in a different way. It has introduced new and innovative products for this market, including an app and digital medical consultations to remain current and deliver a relevant value-based service to this growing market.

This innovation further extends to the way households consume medical care, particularly in a post-pandemic era. With this in mind, Bonitas has partnered with Quro, a digital health company pioneering premium healthcare solutions that include the flagship technology-enabled hospital-at-home. This provides continuous vital sign monitoring, together with virtual and in-person visits, to bring hospital level care to patients in the comfort of their homes.

But inclusivity at Bonitas is not only about access to healthcare. It extends to growing small enterprises within the value chain of the scheme and empowering entrepreneurs like Baisi Mosoane-Pambo to scale her business, while passionately educating people with knowledge on healthcare products to best suit their needs and budget.

Bonitas embraces the philosophy of making a positive difference in people’s lives and it is clear from the spectrum of stakeholders we met, that they are truly doing just that.


Jacob Tshabala became a member of Bonitas back when he first started working for a state-owned enterprise. He recalls how foreign medical aid was to him and his peers back then, but he decided to give it a shot. Later, when his wife was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Bonitas was there - and their continued support of her chronic condition has ensured the couple’s healthy and happy lifestyle well into their retirement.

Busisiwe Ngobese is a dedicated working mom of two. She recounts her memory of a childhood allergy that resulted in her being rushed to hospital. She remembers vividly the fear, but also how safe and secure she felt knowing that she was in the right hands. Later in life, when her employer offered her a variety of medical schemes to join, Bonitas was the obvious choice for Ngobese, who now relies on the scheme as the only choice regarding her family’s health needs.

Khanya Mkuhlu is a social media influencer who epitomises the youthful cool of Jozi. He’s chosen Bonitas as his medical scheme because of its modern and innovative approach to healthcare provision. With a technologically advanced service offering that includes access to virtual GPs and membership e-cards, Mkuhlu appreciates the convenience and ease-of-access Bonitas provides for young professionals like him.

Baisi Mosoane-Pambo is a financial advisor who believes that Bonitas understands the healthcare needs of its members. From blue collar workers, white collar employees, CEOs or entrepreneurial youth, Mosoane-Pambo has grown her business by ensuring her clients have medical aid cover that is easy to understand, with benefits that are clear and simple to access. As a part of this successful value-chain, she has scaled her business, while passionately educating people with knowledge on healthcare products to best suit their needs and budget.

Ziko Pali is the COO of Quro Medical, a digital health company pioneering premium healthcare solutions. She explains how their flagship technology-enabled hospital-at-home service operates, and recounts how Bonitas immediately understood their vision and became one of the early adopters of the offering. Taking risks and trying new things in order to benefit members is a desirable quality in a medical aid scheme, and this partnership has enabled members to receive hospital-level care, with continuous vital sign monitoring, along with virtual and in-person visits, in the comfort of their own homes.

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