WATCH: Changing South Africa one job at a time

Published Aug 5, 2022


South Africa is a country with over 50% unemployment, and the bulk of these people are the youth: school-leavers without prospects for further education and employment. TFG deeply understands the impact this has - and has risen to the occasion to actively provide thousands of jobs and meaningful opportunities.

TFG is all about its people

TFG is a family - a multi-cultural, massive collective of men and women from local communities all over South Africa striving to better themselves, their lives and ultimately the economy of the country.

​A sure-fire way to achieve economic stability is through the creation of jobs and supporting local people. Real employment for real people. TFG currently employs 23 000 people and the number is growing.

Statistics show that every job created supports an average of five people. So TFG launched its learnership programme, offering education through learnerships, with employment opportunities for community members and the prospect of significant local upliftment. About 90% of the learners who complete the learnership programme become full-time TFG employees.

TFG also places a significant emphasis on creating opportunities for disabled members of society. In partnership with St Vincent School of the Deaf, it has trained deaf learners on the entire chain of clothing production - absorbing many into jobs at its factories and developing the skills base for entrepreneurship and alternate employment opportunities. And with the success of the programme, it is set to expand to 150 people by the end of 2023.

TFG wants to enable ordinary people, equipped with world-class training and facilities, to achieve extraordinary things. In an industry that has been especially hard-hit, rising above is a true testimony to the ability of TFG in not only staying the course, but mapping out exciting new futures for South Africans.


Faheema Davids - owner, Joe’s Scatters

Faheema Davids is the owner of Joe’s Scatters. She had been in the clothing industry for many years as a CMT (cut, make and trim) supplier and wanted to make a change. She decided on scatter cushions - and Joe’s Scatters was born. She met a buyer from @home who was eager to support a local manufacturer, and the relationship blossomed. Davids always had a love of fashion and textiles, and the move to manufacturing homeware was a natural shift.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, TFG quickly realised that being local and focusing on local supply were massive stabilising factors in its production and retail sales. Were it not for local partners like Davids, it wouldn’t have had any products in-store. Davids loves seeing her products displayed in the expansive @home stores such as the V&A Waterfront and Canal Walk. She loves that she gets to employ other ladies with artisanal skills like beadworking and hand-stitching. But most importantly, she wants to inspire others to dream big.

Graham Choice - managing director, TFG Merchandise Supply Chain

Graham Choice is the managing director of the TFG Merchandise Supply Chain. He is a firm believer in, and advocate for, the Proudly South African movement - and this sentiment is echoed in their local employment drives. A success story that he is especially proud of is Prestige Clothing in Caledon.

Prestige Clothing started in 1989 with six people. Today, it is the largest apparel manufacturer in the country, with 2 470 employees and another 288 students in learnerships who will soon graduate and add to this number. By 2026, this number will have grown to 5 000 employees. In a small town like Caledon where job prospects are limited, Prestige Clothing (as part of TFG) is changing both the community and economy. In Choice’s own words: “It’s wonderful to see ordinary people working as a team doing extraordinary things”.

Kutlawano Mabusela, TFG content manager

Kutlawano Mabusela is a content manager for TFG - and his passion for the brand is palpable. He knows that the unemployment rate in South Africa is significant, but beams with pride at the job opportunities that are being created by TFG. Not only that, but how one brand in particular is making an impact and changing the face of the retail landscape. Sportscene has become TFG’s biggest brand, with a huge following on social media.

Its flagship store in Sandton is all about the buying experience, enticing customers to spend more time in the store. It’s not destination retail - it’s experiential retail. Up-and-coming music artists can utilise the in-store recording studio for free. Basketball enthusiasts can practice on the full-size court, and shoppers get to take in all that’s happening in this busy, trending store. And Mabusela will excitedly document it all for TFG’s social media.