When they win the lottery, most people think to go on luxury cruises to exotic places and buy expensive cars and large houses. 

But there are some lotto winners out there who had some very different ideas. 

Their crazy purchases have made lottery history, as they have set a new standard for outrageous spending. 

In this article, we will tell you about their wild ideas so that you can get an idea of just how far you can get with a few million in your bank account. 

1. Jay Vargas 

Jay Vargas

When winning a Powerball lottery jackpot, you can make your wildest dreams come true. Well, Jonathan “Jay” Vargas’ dream was a wrestling show with an all-female cast, and he did make it real. This quirky dream of his materialized in a TV show called “Wrestlicious” where the fighters were pretty and the wrestling was sweet. 

Bringing Wrestlicious to the small screen cost Mr. Vargas his entire lottery fortune of $17 million but he thought his show would be irresistible to all wrestling fans out there. As it turns out, seeing beautiful women fighting their way to the top was not quite the American dream, so Mr. Vargas lost his money, as well as his show. 

2. David Copeland 

Mr. Copeland won a full £1 million in the UK Lottery and he started out his spending spree with the usual purchases. He treated his friends to ocean cruises and bought himself an expensive car that would live up to his new financial status. But then, Mr. Copeland decided to aim higher with his shopping list, much higher. So, he bought an acre of property on the Moon. 

Anybody can have a house in the Hamptons or in Monte Carlo, but how many people own land on the Moon? But it seems that aiming for the Moon was not enough for Mr. Copeland, as he then bought land on Mars and Venus as well. Elon Musk should hurry up and complete his Mars plans because David Copeland is ready to move in. 

3. Peter Lavery 

Peter Lavery

With £10.2 million in his pocket from the British National Lottery, Peter Lavery splurged on everything from luxury cars and A-list properties. But once his glitzy dreams all came true, Mr. Lavery moved on to a much more soul-filled project. 

He purchased a disused jail in Belfast and built himself a whiskey distillery worth over $5 million. And while you might think that his passion for whiskey was a waste of his millions, it turns out that Peter Lavery knows a thing or two about whiskey because his distillery proved to be an extremely profitable business. 

4. John McGuinness 

John McGuinness

With a name like McGuinness, this lottery winner was meant to make some memorable purchases. John McGuiness won £10 million, also in the British National Lottery, and he began spending his lotto fortune on a well-stacked fleet of luxury cars, apartments, houses, and high-class parties. 

But after a living the lottery winner life for a while, he decided to turn back to his true passion, which is football. So, Mr. McGuinness invested a whopping £4 million in Livingston FC, a lower division Scottish soccer team, which he aimed to bring to the finals. Unfortunately, his soccer dream did not live up to his expectations, as the club then became riddled with debt, and Mr. McGuin ness lost his initial investment. 

5. Michael Carroll 

Most lottery winners splurge out immediately after collecting their millions and then move on to a stable luxury lifestyle. That is not what Michael Carroll did with his £9.7 million jackpot. He managed to keep that initial enthusiasm for extreme spending for 10 years straight. During his 10-year splurging spree, Mr. Carroll did absolutely everything he had ever dreamt of. From the wildest parties to the biggest cars and most certainly, the largest bling out there, he did it all. 

He even got arrested and earned himself a nickname from the tabloids that couldn’t get enough of Lotto Lout’s adventures. Now that he went through every single penny of his lotto fortune, Mr. Carroll went back to his minimum wage job, but he is a very happy man. “I’ve experienced more in a decade than most people would in two lifetimes but I’ve no regrets and I’d do it all again”. 

As you can see, winning the lottery can make your dreams come true, whatever these may be. You can aim for the stars, or the Moon like Mr. Copeland, because a lotto jackpot will open almost any door. But remember that the one thing all of these winners have in common is playing the lottery. So, start there and maybe you will get your very own turn at spending a few million! Good luck!